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Moringa Oleífera

The Moringa Oleífera is a tree originated in the base of the Himalayas and it has been in Brazil for 30 years.  


The ancient Sanskrit writers recognized the Moringa Oleífera as a medicinal plant; Hindu reports dated from the year 150 B.C. make reference of its use; the first Roman, Greek and Egyptian appreciated the Moringa Oleífera for its therapeutical properties.

Considered as a revolutionary discovery for the global health, the Moringa Oleífera is recommended by the UNO, UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization) for the developing countries to fight malnutrition and for the prevention and treatment of diseases around the planet. This is the objective of the Moringa of Peace in Brazil: to spread natural health through eating!

Scientifically studied by several institutions, the Moringa Oleífera is accredited by the NIH (National Institute of Health), the United States’ department of health, due to its medicinal characteristics. Come and take a closer look at Moringa of Peace! 

The Moringa around the world 

With growing capacity in inhospitable areas and with huge nutritional value: this video produced by the UNO shows the use of the Moringa Oleífera as an essential food supplement, and the efforts on the promotion of this miraculous tree in more underprivileged areas, including the work alongside local farmers in order to reduce deforestation through its plantation. The performance of the Moringa of Peace in Brazil came to add forces to this transformation of the planet! 

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