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Foundation Fundação Movimento Missão Humana

Our foundation was born with the purpose of helping human, animal and plant life - physically and intellectually. We pursue people’s elevation in intelligence for practical actions always aiming the well-being of mankind.


We demonstrate, through our attitudes and lectures, how it is possible to live in harmony and spread good with our daily actions. From healthy vegan diet to meditation and the practice of silence.


We believe that with 5 simple steps we can achieve world peace. These are:

- 1 liter of pure water per day

- Vegan Organic Diet

- Physical Exercise

- 10 minutes of silence per day

- 1 good deed per day

Dados de Depósito

Bank information

Bank: Itaú (code 341)

Branch: 879-2  

Account number: 32964-4  

Associação Movimento Missão Humana CNPJ 19.394.653/0001-20

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