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The Moringa Oleífera is the plant with the highest nutritional value among the several types of food studied:  
Vitamins, minerals, omegas and the larger deposit of zeatin are within Moringa of Peace!  
It contains 92 nutrients, 47 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories and 19 aminoacids.  
Called “Miracle Tree” abroad, it can be consumed as powder or with its leaves directly applied onto the food - whether for immediate consumption or during preparation, because it does not change the flavor. There is also the option of ingestion as capsules, made with vegan caps and filled with the powder.  
Alkalizing, studied throughout the countries by many institutions, it is the base of treatments for diseases such as cancer, depression, Alzheimer, epilepsy, diabetes, inflammations, obesity, rheumatism, dengue fever and HIV, among many others modern sicknesses.  
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